Women’s Day Special: Preethi Richards shares her thoughts

Women’s Day Special: Preethi Richards shares her thoughts

Preethi Richards can usually be found in reading book, and the book will be more likely about living the souls. Preethi is the author of a poetry book Naked love which she made her debut in writing before the completion of her graduation. She is good at her motivational speech and short stories making.
1. What are the most important challenges that women face today?

Firstly the violence, women are subjected to domestic violence more often than we think almost everyday in various forms like dowry or just to show them inferior people subject women to face violence.Marital rape sexual harassment physical abuse and the number goes on.

Author Preethi Richards

Even though there is a change in today’s world for women still there is a gender bias system when it comes to capabilities of work at work places that should be changed capabilities of work should be taken into consideration rather than genderSociety should be more flexible in accepting women in all the fieldsWhen it comes to marital rape or sexual harassment families and society tend to keep it as a secret and blame the victim this should be completely stopped and let women speak for loss and freedom the way society looks at such type of situations should be changed this brings the equal rights to everyoneEducation is the basic right every child deserves unfortunately due to gender discrimination in most of the areas still the girl child is not getting proper basic education and she is being imposed by household works in keeping her younger siblings and taking care of them where families feel educating girl child is a waste of money and time this type of thinking should be altered.
3. What is your greatest strength?My greatest strength is believing in myself which is given by my family and my dear ones who never discriminated on gender basics and provided me the equal opportunities

2.What needs to be changed in the next 5 years?

4. Women Empowerment: how pertinent the idea is?Undoubtedly it’s the relevant way to let women enjoy their power and rights on their sources of income and it lets a women to understand their capabilities and increases self confidence

5. Rape cases are on a rise in India despite rampant protestations. Who is to be blamed according to you?
The stereotypical culture and mindset of men and society to be blamed here. The shifting of blame from perpetrators to victims and the weak judiciary along with the unwanted usage of technology by peers are causing a great damage both to their lives and the mindset’s they are eventually damaging the others lives.
6. On the recent #metoo movement, your opinion?

As in our culture and the family norms often women are supposed to be quiet and maintain silence but #metoo movement provided a place to let women speak and it’s necessary to break the silence and expose the culprits in these cases #metoo movement is the brave act according to me.

7. Peaceful single parenting v/s dysfunctional couple parenting?

Ideally children needs a support from the family which builds a strong basement in early childhood mental condition but if the dysfunctional parenting occurs it leads to the mental trauma of children in those cases I support for the peaceful single parenting no matter how hard it is.

9. What advice would you give to young women of today?

Dear Women stay strong , fierce and stand up for your passion because this world needs a lot of people like you who could build and lift hopes in other individuals.

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