Women’s Day Special: Author Satabdi Banerjee shares her thoughts

Women’s Day Special: Author Satabdi Banerjee shares her thoughts

Satabdi Banerjee authored her book of poems, ‘A Sip of Coffee’ in September 2018. She is a freelance editor book review expert. She had been an integral part of many published anthologies. Satabdi hails from the ‘City of joy’ Kolkata. She pursued her education from Carmel School and later graduated in Psychology honors degree. She is trained in English language certification of TEFL/TESOL and works as a Career Mentor and Education Consultant. Expression, Communication, and empathy have been her life candles. She is a trained dancer and takes keen interest in all creative endeavors. She is an empath, a life philosopher, and a spiritual healing practisioner. She can be reached at satban23@gmail.com

1. What are the most important challenges that women face today?
Satabdi – The most important challenge women face in today’s society is the courage to express themselves. Indian society has always conditioned our upbringing and parenting. As a consequence, the free will to express any form view to choice is not there. The second challenge which women struggle is of acceptance and acknowledgement. From body shaming to lack of confidence in our own abilities, women live in denial which is again a by-product of social evil.

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2. What needs to be changed in the next 5 years?

Satabdi. The Country’s Economy for  sure. That will impact the society and thus pave way for more improved and international environment. Eventually we can expect  psychological and social literacy and awareness

3. What is your greatest strength?

Satabdi. My family and their trust in me.

4. Women Empowerment: how pertinent the idea is? 

It is very much a relative term. It corresponds to certain field of society but again in certain cases, it’s just a special privilege which guides women to realise their own strength which gets loose somehow in the society.

5. Rape cases are on a rise in India despite rampant protestations.  Who is to be blamed according to you?
Ans. The administrative system ofcourse. I mean, be it theft or robbery, a just punishment is the only execution expected. There will be all sorts of people around us and honestly criminal instinct cannot be controlled but law and legislative penalties should be more authoritative and powerful.

6. On the recent #metoo movement, your opinion?
Satabdi – Again as answered in my first question, I feel the #metoo movement is a genuine platform where women felt they can open up their post trauma stress and express their voice against the wrong. This will drive more women to address something which is wrong and not acceptable.

7. Peaceful single parenting v/s dysfunctional couple parenting?

Ans. Peaceful single parenting because it’s important to deliver a healthy environment, good education and well psycho-physiological nourishment. Anything which is not well functional well or not constructive should not be encouraged.
8. Your take on the recent film, “Thappad”, that is meant to be a slap on chauvinism.

Satabdi- I had been advised to see the movie but I have not yet seen the movie. I don’t think all men are bad and unsupportive of women. But in a case as projected, I feel any message or action is inevitable.

9. What advice would you give to young women of today?

Satabdi – Read more of biographies and autobiographies of enlightened souls and take inspiration. Introspect to educate yourself to those little significant actions taken which had the effect of creating revolution. Small or big, walk with a purpose in life. Try to touch lives with humbility. Practice and preach Random Act of Kindness.

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