Women’s Day Special: Author Reetwika Banerjee shares her thoughts

Women’s Day Special: Author Reetwika Banerjee shares her thoughts

Reetwika Banerjee is an award winning author and short filmmaker. By profession, she is a cybersecurity consultant working for global clients . Her main responsibility is to advocate precautionary measures to senior management about critical data breaches and cyber attacks.

What is the most important challenge that women face today?

Inequality. Even if we claim equality for women, until the time thoughts change, equality can never be achieved for women which i think is the biggest challenge for women in today’s world. For ex. Maternity leave for working women is 6 months but paternity leave if at all any, is hardly 5 or 10 days. Does that mean from 11th day onwards the baby becomes mother’s responsibility and father can go back full time work as earlier?

Author Reetwika

What needs to change in the next 5 years?

What I said in previous ques… our attitude towards women need to change at first. They r not baby producing machines who “enjoy” maternity benefits, free salary etc etc which unfortunately many educated persons think even today.

What is your greatest strength?

My self confidence is my greatest strength.

Women Empowerment: how pertinent the idea is?

The day when women will truly be empowered, the question will no more be raised. I hope that answers your query. 🙂

Rape cases are on a rise in India in spite of rampant protestations. Who is to be blamed according to you?

Half educated parents of modern India.

On the recent #MeToo movement, your opinion?

Awkward situations do arise at workplace, but it can be both for men and women. It should not be made typecast.

Peaceful single parenting v/s dysfunctional couple parenting?

I will go for peace for children… because I believe peace is most important for healthy mental upbringing of a child.

What advice would you give to young women of today?

Be responsible towards your kids (young mothers) so that at least u take an oath not to upbring a criminal.

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