Meet Ms. Meena Mishra, the author who sold 1000 copies of her latest book ‘The Impish Lass- Book 2 ‘without spending a penny on any sales, promotion or advertisement, in less than 2 months, in this pandemic.

Meet Ms. Meena Mishra, the author who sold 1000 copies of her latest book ‘The Impish Lass- Book 2 ‘without spending a penny on any sales, promotion or advertisement, in less than 2 months, in this pandemic.

Meet Ms. Meena Mishra, the author who sold 1000 copies of her latest book ‘The Impish Lass- Book 2 ‘without spending a penny on any sales, promotion or advertisement, in less than 2 months, in this pandemic.

– Meena Mishra

What is more challenging – writing a book successfully or selling it?

Writing a book is easier than selling it. You have control over your writing, but you have no control over the sales of the book. If you have lots of money to spend on marketing and advertisement, the visibility of your book helps you reach out to the readers. If you are already  famous with a big sales record you don’t have to put in efforts for these things but if you are a beginner like me who is beginning from the scratch with no support from any big name in the industry, it’s very difficult to sell your book.

  • Ma’am, your book has got 5-star ratings on and kindle apart from receiving raving reviews from the readers including the greatest nuclear scientist of this country Padma Vibhushan Dr. R. Chidambaram. How are you feeling as an author?

I am glad ‘The Impish Lass- Part 2’ has been well received by the readers. Actually at the end of the day you feel delighted as an author if your readers value and appreciate your efforts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been a part of my editing team.

(The participants of ‘Be an Editor for a Day,’ contest, Yutika Bhansali for handling this contest. Core editing and proofreading team – Praniti Gulyani, Ishani Behari, Kirthika Jayakumar, Sheila Bhattacharya, Shruti Bhardwaj, Anamika Kundu and Aparna Bhat for editing and proofreading all the stories at least 5 times. I am so very grateful to my self-motivated team.

Of course, I would like to express my infinite gratitude towards Dr. R. Chidambaram for being kind enough to accept my invitation of writing the foreword for this book. The official letter sent by him is like ‘Bharat Ratna’ for me. Something I would like to treasure for lifetime.

  • How did you manage to sell 1000 copies within two months in this pandemic and lockdown without any marketing or advertisement?

I do have my personal contacts that includes my friends, colleagues, poets, writers, editors, relatives, and ex-students. I received an overwhelming response from all of them. I would send them personal messages asking them to support me by buying my book and they would oblige me. There have been writers and friends who were either hospitalized or quarantined due to Covid, still they bought my book to show their love and support towards me. My friends from Mumbai English Educators’ Team and Asian Literary Society also came forward to support me despite their personal struggles. My colleagues who had never ever read a story or poem of mine before, also came forward to support me wholeheartedly. I am so very grateful to each one of them.

  • Is it right that you discouraged the readers to buy the book from different online platforms and encouraged them to buy directly from the publishing house? Don’t you think it would have added to your book coming up in ranking of bestsellers?

Yes, I did. I am not only an author but the CEO of The Impish Lass Publishing House too. Why should I encourage the people to buy from online platforms?  I don’t believe in this bestseller ranking and all. For me, It reached my readers and they could resonate with the stories, nothing else is more important than that.

  • Which is your favourite story in this book?

‘How I Spent My First Earning ‘is my personal favourite as it portrays my love towards my mother.

  • Who inspires you to write?

I have been living in an imaginary world with my secret muse. It’s my world where there is love, fancy, imagination, drama and much more. Whenever I am happy, sad, mad, upset, I share my feelings with him. He is a patient listener and always gives me right suggestions. Whenever I write something, first I seek his opinion on it and then proceed further. The last chapter of this book, ‘A Letter to My Muse,’ is dedicated to him.

  • What would be your next step after this? I mean any other book in line.

I would like to rework upon my novel ‘Within the Cocoon of Love,’ co-authored by Vishwas Vaidya, a poet cum scientist from Pune.

  • What is your message for the budding writers?

Don’t consider your first draft as your final draft. Work and re-work upon it. Get it edited, re-edited and proofread before your work goes for final printing. Be patient. There’s no short-cut to success. You never know whether your book would get buyers or not. Have faith on your skills and keep on honing them.

  • You have done so many anthologies. Which is your favourite anthology and why ?

The Bitter Almonds conceptualised and edited by Najeeb S A is my favourite anthology due to many reasons. First of all, the theme’ magical realism,’ was too difficult to understand. The editor was patient enough to give so many examples so that we could understand what to write. Secondly, the editor had not only done an honorary job but ensured that almost 50-60 copies were bought by him and his friends. As a publisher this was the first anthology with zero investment and lots of profits in terms of reaching out to the elite readers and sales as well.

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Book Interview with writer Kshama Rao

Hello friends, today we have author Kshama Rao on board. Let us talk about her books and life.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Hi. I am author Kshama Rao. I am a Manglorean born, brought up in Africa. Currently, I am residing in Navi Mumbai. I was in Africa for eight years in my childhood. I did my post-graduation in science from Bangalore University. Apart from being an author, I write for Reporther newspaper and got the writer award for the same. I have written more than 500 articles and published in different websites which has readers all over the world. Earlier, I have worked as a teacher. My book is already in the market and I am proud to say that my book ‘Homemade facials, masques and beauty tips’ is sold at world’s largest book retailer ‘Barnes and Noble’. I have written two books ‘Homemade facials, masques and beauty tips’ and ‘DIY cosmetics and cleaners’. Soon expecting my third book to be published.

I had also recently directed two social activities (street play or nukkad natak) ‘Jal hi jeevan hai’ and ‘Ek kadam swatchath ke aur’ with a message to save water and keep the city clean in which ladies from 16 different societies had participated. I used to read story books and articles in magazines when I was a kid. Same interest turned into writing.

Kshama Rao

When did you start writing?

I started writing when my daughter grew up and she became a bit independent. I just didn’t want me to be trapped in laziness.

When you published first?

My first book got published in January 2017.

Describe Kshama in day to day life?

I can say, I am slow but steady like a tortoise. I enjoy peace of mind. I would describe myself as sweet and pleasant.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

I am an art lover. I love to do sketches, portraits, watching good movies, listening to music, dance, conducting and participating in plays are all my hobbies. But it all depends on my mood. I also love to read magazines and short stories. I love cooking, fashion, etc.

Tell us more about your book?

Homemade facials, masques and beauty tips’ is all about beauty tips using natural ingredients from the kitchen. The second book ‘DIY cosmetics and cleaners’ is about preparing our own cosmetics and cleaners in the home. Commercial cosmetics and cleaners are full of toxins which cause many health problems in human beings like cancer, tumors and hormone imbalance.

For more information, read the book.

How do you manage your writing time?

I get time to write in between my general routines, household chores, exercise and shopping.

Kshama Rao

Your favorite writer and why?

I can consider Kannada writer Triveni as my favorite because her stores seem very natural. I don’t like unnatural things. I used to read her books as a kid with my grandma. I even used to enjoy books written by Saisuthe.

What are your upcoming projects?

Currently, I am writing the book ‘Natural remedies during pregnancy’ and expecting that it will be published soon.

Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Be good. Try to be practical. Writing is a talent. Follow your heart and keep writing.

Kshama in one sentence.

A passionate writer.

Thank you Kshama for your interview and taking your time to answer. I wish your books are useful to many more million people in the world.

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Book Interview with Meena Mishra

Hello Friends,

Here we are with Meena Mishra – An implish lass. Let us talk with her.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Dear readers ! This is Meena Mishra, a poet, short-story writer, novelist, author and an editor. I am extremely glad with the overwhelming response of my students and friends both writers and non-writers. I have a dream and I am chasing it. I want to do something worthwhile in the field of literature. I am indebted to all the experienced writers who have accepted an amateur like me with lots of love. Special thanks to the Publishing Houses for taking me seriously and showing faith in my writing capabilities.

When did you start writing?

It all started with my best friend proposing my crush in front of me. I was heartbroken. I was feeling awful, pathetic, sick and sad. I was feeling terrible, miserable, and horribly mad. I wanted to cry, shout and scream, I wanted to get rid of the sadness within. I didn’t know what to do so I started writing a diary when I was a young girl.

When were you published first?

Actually I got published in the year 2016. “Love and War Anthology” was my first anthology followed  by

1) The Other Side of Pen

2) Seasons

3)  Ashes of Maroon,

4) The Secret Temptations

5)  Whisperings of Blessings,

6) The Massacred Thoughts,

7) Kuchh Ankahe se Alfaaz (Hindi)

8) Rehnuma

9) Road to Fantasy World

10) Yours Faithfully Hope.

I also got an opportunity of editing an anthology “You Are Mine”.

Describe   Meena  Mishra  in day to day life?

Meena Mishra is high-spirited, loquacious, confident and gregarious lady.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Let me tell you one thing, writing is not my hobby it’s my passion. My hobby is listening to radio, reading novels, watching movies and spending time with friends.

Tell us more about your book?

More? I have not even begun. The Impish Lass is a collection of soul-stirring anecdotes from my life. Right from childhood till the time I got married and moved to Mumbai. The Impish Lass is a girl  who loves breaking rules, bunking classes, loitering around, enjoying with friends, visiting different places, wandering like a free soul in the open fields, climbing trees, accepting challenges, taking risks, discovering small delights of life, appreciating beauty, experimenting new things, keeping secrets, falling in love, crying when heartbroken and ready for reconciliation.

How do you manage your writing time?

You have to manage time for your hobby not for your passion. Time management comes to you naturally when writing is your calling.

What do you think of modern day relationships?

I strongly feel that people have become more frank and prudent these days. If they like someone they express it if they don’t they walk out of the relationship. We have only one life. Why to compromise for lifetime?

What do you think about cheating in relationships?

There can be a time when you feel attracted towards someone. This feeling can change later. I don’t consider it as cheating. If you express your feelings honestly you shouldn’t be labelled as a cheat. There are millions of people across the globe who feel something else and exhibit something else. Sometimes to save their families from turbulence. At times, to protect their social status. What is the parameter of being loyal? Who will decide that?  As an author I feel that we don’t have any right to be judgemental about others. It’s high time we start acting mature.

What do you think of extra marital affairs?

I am not an expert to comment on the topic but as an author I respect any kind of relationship. I feel if there are people who share strong feelings for opposite sex after marriage but manage to carry out their family and professional life successfully should be appreciated. Feelings are neither good nor bad. They just are. You have no control over them. Let me add to this by telling you that my favourite Bollywood couple is Amitabh Bachhan and Rekha.

How important physical intimacy in 30s after marriage?

Why 30s? Physical intimacy is crucial in every age but it is not the only thing important. Many things add to that. Emotional connect   holds utmost importance. Taking care of each-other, sharing things and feelings, having open discussion on the matters that bother you. All these things become more important. It all begins from your mind and heart. Body comes later. You can be comfortable with a person only when your mind and heart has accepted that person. There has to be an emotional attachment first.

As an Impish Lass, What was the naughtiest thing done by you?

Stealing in broad daylight and not being caught was the naughtiest thing according to me.      

Your favourite writer and why?

I am a die-hard Dan Brown fan. I have read all his novels. The amount of research work he does for his books is outstanding. It is filled with imagery.

What are your upcoming projects?

“No I Don’t Love You” is my upcoming novel. It’s a romantic novel filled with thrill and suspense. The story begins with an online friendship but finally leads to too many problems in the life of the lovers and friends. This novel has been written to create awareness amongst the youngsters against online chatting and romance.

Any tips for the upcoming young generation.

The younger generation is smarter than the older one. The only thing they are lacking in is patience. They want quick results. They get disappointed fast. This is the area they need to work upon. All good things take time guys!

Meena  Mishra  in one sentence.

The Impish Lass (the naughty girl) enjoying the spurt of creativity and immense love showered upon her by her students and friends.

Thank you Meena ji for your honest and straight forward answers. All the very best

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She chose him – An article by Swarupa Chavan


She was overjoyed. Finally, she had received a job offer of her dreams. A job which would take her to the pinnacle of success in her career realizing all her dreams. It was an offer to die for. She had worked hard, slogged day and night and reached where she was in her life. She deserved this break which life offered her. And then she realized, the job would not just turn her dreams to reality, but would also take her away from her home. The job was not just in a new city, but in a new country!

It would take her away from him. Maybe forever. The career changes was far too strategic and once done there was no looking back. It would take her away from the light in her eyes, the smile on her lips, and the joy of her heart.

It was a difficult choice. She was on that threshold of life where she had to select which way to turn.

Just his presence in her life gave meaning to it. He gave her the peace she had been looking for. Even though their high pressure jobs did not allow them to be in touch more often, then she would have desired, their hearts were always connected. He was her strength. He had managed to break all the barriers her mind had cast over the years and kill all the demons of her past. He gave her hope and made her believe in life. He was the positive force of her life. With the thought of losing him she realized that the job was not worth it. What would she do with the higher salary or reaching a higher position in life and lead a more luxurious lifestyle when he would not be around to share it? There would not be true joy and happiness if he would not be there to hold her hand and make her laugh. She would not find the peace at the end of the day when she would fall asleep.

It was not the materialistic happiness that she desired. She realized she already had what she really needed, him.

The choice was simple. She chose him.

(C) SWARUPA CHAVANBy the author of THE PREDICTION , An award winning novel, available on Flipkart.

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Meeting your soulmate – An article by Swarupa Chavan

Who believes in true love? I guess the concept is fast becoming an extinct. There is no time to devote to mushy feelings when there are more practical and worldly dreams to be achieved. The rat race is getting competitive by the day and the heart is scared to venture out in the dream land and struggles to survive in the materialistic world.

To some it might sound a bit cliché. But a soul which is aware can relate to this very easily. It is something which cannot be explained with words but needs to be felt with the heart. We are all souls come on this earth with some purpose. And as long as we are alive it means the purpose is still unfulfilled.  Our hearts are in constant search of love. Either you are aware and accept it or you are terrified to accept it and pretend not to agree. But each soul is in search of its other half. One question constantly haunts us… How do we identify our soul mate when we meet him? Do they come with any tag or label marked with our name? It is simple… our heart would identify our soul mate.

Have you ever felt that you have met a person previously, whereas the fact is it is the first time you are meeting him. His voice, his face, his smile and the look in his eyes all seems way too familiar. You find yourself relating to the person more comfortably and realise you had been waiting for him all this time.

Have you ever experienced an instant connection with a stranger? In the middle of the road while walking to work your eyes meet and something flashes at the back of your mind. You give him a second glance and find him looking back at you with the same curiosity. Somehow he seems to be familiar, but you cannot place the connection. Thinking that he is probably an everyday commuter you ignore and move ahead. But his image keeps flashing back in your mind. Days later if you are lucky you see him again and this time he smiles. You do not trust a stranger and look elsewhere. Scared of the intimation, scared to acknowledge your feelings, scared to accept that you have been knowing him for several life time’s earlier. That is the way we humans have been programmed to function. If you find it difficult to accept, how are you going to explain this to others? The very idea is laughable. We are in a hurry to achieve our materialistic goals and reach our hazy destination and do not heed to this message which the forces of the Universe are sending our way. It seems impractical and way too unrealistic. Thus we miss the opportunity to connect with the one whom we are searching our entire lives.

So our next question is… Do we keep heeding to our impulsive responses and smile at strangers who might be our potential soul mates? Here again the answer might be simple. You need to be connected to yourself first, know who you really are and what it is that you wish to achieve in this time and space. This clarity would help you and your soul mate to connect over the chaotic lifestyle and bring you together.

After all finding your soul mate was never a small affair… that extra effort is definitely worthwhile. So next time you see a stranger with that strange look in his eyes… quieten your heart and listen to it.

© Swarupa Chavan – Award winning author and poet.

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Interview with Shivansh Sarin

Today, we have teenage author Shivansh Sarin. Let’s talk with him to know further about him.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

I’m a teen looking for a way to express myself. And writing is a mirror of my emotions. I’ve coauthored an anthology of stories and the second book is just a month away. Pursuing BBM in international business and diploma in event management. Writing is an art we have within us, not all realize it.

When did you start writing?

I don’t remember a day when I thought I should start writing, it just happened. I’m not much of a good speaker. Writing personal notes, to diaries, to blogs, now books. It’s been a beautiful journey. I could only feel my interest growing each day.

When you published first?

I was randomly going through few publishing houses on google when I read about the anthology of stories by Artson Publishing House. The theme was real life stories and confessions and I wrote one for the book. The next one is with NAG publications which is the paperback form of my blog.

Describe Shivansh in day to day life?

Shivansh is someone who will be your friend if you have a conversation over calls or messages. But you will realise I’m a very shy person if we meet personally. I prefer appreciating people for everything. You find me giving compliments and praising every form of art all day, every day.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Reading is a very important part of my daily routine. I can’t travel without a book in my bag. Also, I like to travel, a lot. When I travel to a new place, I prefer renting a car to explore the place because I believe everything has a different form of charm and I wish to see it all.

Tell us more about your book ?

From the Closet of The Heart – a book of love, gratitude, remembrance, and apologies, is a collection of real-life stories written by writers from the different parts of the world. Stories that are so relatable that you would want to hug the book close to your heart. With this project, we have made an effort to applaud the human emotions…

How do you manage your writing time?

I write when I feel something which I fail to express when I speak. Not being a good speaker this happens very often with me. Also, I write when there is a professional requirement. From magazine, to newspapers and everything.

Your favorite writer and why?

I really like a lot of them. Indian authors are making us proud by their superb novels. And I’m also a huge fan of William Shakespeare. His words has the magic I have never ever felt in any form of art. We have our own favourites, I know people may not feel the same about my interests.

What are your upcoming projects?

My blog is getting published very soon. It’s published by NAG publications, India. The short stories and proses of various genres will now be in your hands in a paperback form. We are also trying for a ebook version of the same. The update will be shared on my social media. So try to connect with me.

Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Follow your dreams, only then you can live your dream.

Shivansh in one sentence.

A teenager writing to bring a change in the age old thinking of our society.

Thank you Shivansh for your time. Wish you all the luck in future.

Readers stay tuned for future interviews.

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Interview with Sonam Keswani

Dear readers, today I have with us beautiful and gorgeous writer Sonam Keshwani. Let us talk about her newly published book.

You always wanted to become a writer?

When I was a little girl, I use to sit with my mom for hours and tell her long stories; I would narrate to her every bit of my day and every t
hing about my friends. When I got married, there were not many people around me to listen to my stories and I had a three miscarriages one after the other, I needed to talk to some one so I simply started writing.


How long did you take to finish this one book?

It took me two long years to complete the book.

Describe Sonam  in day to day life?

I am a house wife and a mom of three years old.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Reading is my hobby.

Tell us more about your book ?

I HATE YOU FOR LOVING ME SO MUCH is about loving some one crazily, forgetting your own self in the process of missing the one you love, its about trying to move on and still holding back memories, its about selfless love and pure love. It’s the pinch when you feel when your heart breaks.

How do you manage your writing time?

You won’t believe, but I write only for five minutes a day.

Your favorite writer and why?

Cecelia Ahern, I love the way she mutates feelings into words.

What are your upcoming projects?

Let that be a secret, well I can tell you that it’s not a love story, I want to write different genres and explore my potential. 

Your favourite quote?

God has created the serenity to accept what can’t be changed, to change what can’t be accepted and to know the difference between the two.

If your book turns out to be a movie, which actors and actress do you wish to play the character?

Mr. Akshay Kumar to play Vidhaan and Mr. Salman khan to play Daanish and Mrs. Kareena kapoor





Thank you so much Sonam. You are an inspiration to many all married woman out there.

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I BECOME YOU … A poem by Swarupa Chavan

Hello Readers,

Here is a video poetry recitation by renowned poet Swarupa Chavan. Do listen her soothing poetry recitation.


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Interview with Swarupa Chavan

Welcome friends,

Today, we have Ms.Swarupa Chavan with us. She will talk about her books, career and many more things.

Question: Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Swarupa: I am a Mumbaikar by birth and heart. I am a Science graduate majoring in Physics followed by MBA & Computer Technology. I am a rank holder in Packaging Technology. Professionally I am a Deputy General Manager with a leading Agro Chemical Mfg. Co and head the department handling Strategic Sourcing.

I am an ardent nature lover and enjoy spending my time in the midst of nature. I love travelling and exploring new places, experiencing the various cultures and places. Reading and writing is my passion. I feel I have discovered my true self and my purpose in life through writing.

Question: When did you start writing?

Swarupa: I used to write small articles and short write ups and contribute to college magazines. Around five years ago I thought of focusing my writing on fiction. I had always wanted to write fiction, guess the right time came with To Err is Human. I pen down my creative thoughts and channel my energy in writing simply because I love to.

Question: When you published first?

Swarupa: My debut novel To Err is Human was published in 2011.

Question: Describe Swarupa in day to day life?

Swarupa: I am a corporate employee. My everyday life revolves around my family and my job. It is a high pressure job of technical nature which also involves a bit of travelling, unlike the creative nature of my hobby for writing. I enjoy working thoroughly. It motivates me to excel in my field of work.

I love travelling for leisure, explore new places; connect with the culture and nature. I am a philosopher I suppose and it reflects through my poetry. I love connecting with myself and make it a point to meditate every day. I am a reserved person by nature, yet find it endearing to spend quality time with my loved ones.

Question: What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Swarupa: Apart from writing, I enjoy travelling, listening to music, playing TT, meditating and practicing yoga.

Question: Tell us more about your novels. 

THE PREDICTION as the name suggests is based on the theme of the power of Precognition. The protagonist of the story Tia is born with this unique power of predicting the future. Her prophecies of the impending calamities were always derided. It made her loved ones alienate from her leaving her derelict and forlorn. She grew up feeling deprived for affection and love, making her go deeper into a shell and rely on her instincts for connecting with the outer world. Her power of the sixth sense grew with time making her an object of ridicule by her father who thinks of her as an evil spirit. It is a story about how Tia struggles to gain affection of her father and brother and how she deals with her powers that she finds to be curse instead of a boon and how she has to face tragedies.

Apart from this I have also contributed to several Anthologies and published short stories and poems

Question: How do you manage your writing time?

Swarupa: My job is very demanding and I dedicate my entire focus on it. It is very difficult to find the time balancing work and writing. To be honest at times there is a gap of several months where I do not pen anything at all. during this phase I try to use my travel time to work to do the thinking. Thinking of plots, characters, and storylines. Once a writer, always a writer. 🙂

Question: Your favorite writer and why?

Swarupa : I love books and works of several authors. It would be unfair and very difficult to name a single author or a single novel as my favorite. Richard Bach’s Illusion, Ayn Rand’s Fountain head, Robin Sharma’s The Monk who Sold his Ferrari , Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, Ken Follett’s Eye of Needle, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird… I can go on and on. These books have made an enormous impact on me and have always guided me and helped me evolve into the person I am today.

Question: What are your upcoming projects?

Swarupa: I am currently researching on my next novel. Building on the plots and character building, basically on the ground work level.

Question: Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Swarupa :I would say just one thing – Follow your heart. Be original in whatever genre of writing you are comfortable in and write that. Do not get into the trap of imitating novels or author’s styles which have a vast readership. Also, getting your work published would require you to be persistent and patient.

Question: Swarupa in one sentence.

Swarupa: Swarupa is a simple human being who lives her life led by her heart.

You can connect with Swarupa Chavan on:

Buy the books via the links below:


Buy Books on AMAZON:



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Buy books on AMAZON


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