Travel Dairies with model cum mother Poonam Konde

Travel Dairies with model cum mother Poonam Konde

Hello Friends,

Today, we have model cum traveler cum an Indian mom who is a spirited lady. Her travelogue will inspire you. Let us chit-chat with her.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Ola Homies! This is Poonam, I am 29-year-old Woman, with my man and our kid. I am a fitness freak, and I love to travel.

Poonam Konde during her Europe travel.

When did you start travelling?

The nomadic fever did not hit me until I met with this partner who encouraged me to travel and earn experiences for myself. I was that generic city girl struck in the matrix, following that 9 to 6 pattern, running behind busses and yelling at taxis. It is important for everyone to take that pause and fall of the grid to rejuvenate yourself. And that how I decided to travel new places every time I get a chance.

Which was your first destination?

My start was not a huge 10+ hour flight or an abroad location, but it was somewhere nearby, does not matter how you start it could just be a neighboring village but you must start somewhere.

The First destination I remember visiting and it struck in my memory lane is Arambol, Goa. There is something about this place which appeals as if it’s more accepting.

What are your hobbies apart from travelling?

Apart from traveling, In between if I get good modeling assignment’s I like to grab them, I have been casted for TVC adds for couple of beauty products. Apart from hat, I am a fitness freak, to I like to sweat at the gym a lot. I had gained extra pounds after I had my first child, but was able to get back to my own shape in just a month or two.

Poonam in Santorini.

Tell us more about your travelling experiences?

Since I have started traveling, in 2011 I have been travel to 4 countries including India, I being a minimalist, I don’t like to opt for 5 star hotels or resorts, but I prefer family owned small hotels. That way you can jell up with the locals, and learn a lot about their culture, food and lifestyle. This time when I was on this beautiful Mediterranean island, called Santorini, people were so welcoming and friendly, they let me use their kitchen and taught me some of their own dishes from Mediterranean cuisine

I like to eat what locals do, if you are in US/Europe you don’t need to worry about falling sick as to what you eat, because, common, if you can digest Indian street food without falling sick, then street food from Europe should be no worry, considering the hygiene standards over there.

Athens is just as hospitable, considering that Tourism is one of the main revenue generators for Greece, Athena’s does not disappoint. They have a special transits system exclusively for tourist, all you have to do is buy one 14Euro ticket and that is good for 2 days, enough for you to visit all the ruins, museums and beaches of Athens and Piraeus.

Poonam ruling the world.

What tips do you want to give to female solo travelers?

Do not let the society norms stop you from getting things that you deserve, you work hard for sometimes you need to reward yourself. No touristy place is dangerous to you, as long as you research and study the place online, stay away from scammers, there are many sites that will tell you what are the top scams in the touristy place, always be on a look out.

Poonam’s Dairy

According to you, which is the one tourist destination every single girl should travel ?

You can travel solo almost in all of Europe including Turkey, just be careful in Bulgaria, and Romania. Do not go to Santorini alone, the place is just too romantic to be alone, and being single may make you feel lonely, unless you are okay with it.



Any tips to the upcoming young generation which is inclined towards travel.

Food I love – Poonam

Make a bucket list, work hard on saving money, kill that bucket list.

Well, you are a truly inspirational modern day lady Poonam. I hope your words will inspire many more women in this country and around the world. I wish you all the very best for your future.

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Book Interview with writer Kshama Rao

Hello friends, today we have author Kshama Rao on board. Let us talk about her books and life.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Hi. I am author Kshama Rao. I am a Manglorean born, brought up in Africa. Currently, I am residing in Navi Mumbai. I was in Africa for eight years in my childhood. I did my post-graduation in science from Bangalore University. Apart from being an author, I write for Reporther newspaper and got the writer award for the same. I have written more than 500 articles and published in different websites which has readers all over the world. Earlier, I have worked as a teacher. My book is already in the market and I am proud to say that my book ‘Homemade facials, masques and beauty tips’ is sold at world’s largest book retailer ‘Barnes and Noble’. I have written two books ‘Homemade facials, masques and beauty tips’ and ‘DIY cosmetics and cleaners’. Soon expecting my third book to be published.

I had also recently directed two social activities (street play or nukkad natak) ‘Jal hi jeevan hai’ and ‘Ek kadam swatchath ke aur’ with a message to save water and keep the city clean in which ladies from 16 different societies had participated. I used to read story books and articles in magazines when I was a kid. Same interest turned into writing.

Kshama Rao

When did you start writing?

I started writing when my daughter grew up and she became a bit independent. I just didn’t want me to be trapped in laziness.

When you published first?

My first book got published in January 2017.

Describe Kshama in day to day life?

I can say, I am slow but steady like a tortoise. I enjoy peace of mind. I would describe myself as sweet and pleasant.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

I am an art lover. I love to do sketches, portraits, watching good movies, listening to music, dance, conducting and participating in plays are all my hobbies. But it all depends on my mood. I also love to read magazines and short stories. I love cooking, fashion, etc.

Tell us more about your book?

Homemade facials, masques and beauty tips’ is all about beauty tips using natural ingredients from the kitchen. The second book ‘DIY cosmetics and cleaners’ is about preparing our own cosmetics and cleaners in the home. Commercial cosmetics and cleaners are full of toxins which cause many health problems in human beings like cancer, tumors and hormone imbalance.

For more information, read the book.

How do you manage your writing time?

I get time to write in between my general routines, household chores, exercise and shopping.

Kshama Rao

Your favorite writer and why?

I can consider Kannada writer Triveni as my favorite because her stores seem very natural. I don’t like unnatural things. I used to read her books as a kid with my grandma. I even used to enjoy books written by Saisuthe.

What are your upcoming projects?

Currently, I am writing the book ‘Natural remedies during pregnancy’ and expecting that it will be published soon.

Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Be good. Try to be practical. Writing is a talent. Follow your heart and keep writing.

Kshama in one sentence.

A passionate writer.

Thank you Kshama for your interview and taking your time to answer. I wish your books are useful to many more million people in the world.

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Book interview with Author Ruchika Rastogi

Hello Readers, thank you for connecting with us. Today, we have on board a sensational writer Ruchika Rastogi  with us.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

I am a being having found my love in literature long back but agreeing to its proposal after a gap of many years. Having done my Masters in English literature Currently, I am working as an English teacher in Delhi. While teaching students, while correcting their mistakes, I realized that I had this passion for this language–English, due to which only I always try to find flavor everywhere–be it a tasty dish or not so tasty and still never gets bored.

Ms. Ruchika Rastogi

When did you start writing?

I started writing way back in school. I used to write whenever I had any free time but had never thought of pursuing it to any other level. It is only few years back, when my book got published that I realized I am quite passionate about writing. I felt so relaxed and satisfied after seeing my writing in print.

When you published first?

My book, A Mystical Majesty – the woman, got published last year only. It was such an indescribable moment. I felt like carrying a small baby in my hands. I was feeling speechless,literally.  It brought out the hidden emotions, the inner feelings, the arguments, the conclusions and the solutions, everything, right in front of me.

Describe  Ruchika in day to day life?

Ruchika, in day to day life is an easy going, fun loving person, who is very emotional and loves to do crazy things. She loves movement–be it movement in life or in career.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Apart from writing, I love to watch movies, travel, read books, play badminton and explore different truths of life.

Tell us more about your book?

My book, A Mystical Majesty is about the journey of a girl, from the time she completes her schooling till her old age. It’s about the various situations; a woman faces in her life. It’s about the optimistic handling of those situations without getting into the trap of pessimism. It’s about being opinionated but still docile; it’s about being honest but not rude. It’s about being rational still not partial. So, in short, through it, I tried to bring out the different facets of a woman–related to her freedom or her career or while marrying or while discussing various issues with her grown up children. Thus throwing light on the fact that –we should move ahead with a mind of our own because each individual has his own independent situation so obviously, its handling will also be different.

How do you manage your writing time?

I try to write whenever I feel like, generally early mornings, when I can concentrate fully on my piece.

What do you think of modern day relationships?

Most of the modern day relationships are imitated. The relationships are losing their charm as people are more interested in aping others instead of blossoming theirs. And when they realize this, they might have reached so far in imitating that sometimes it becomes really difficult to move back and rectify. But there are others too, which I like–They are ready to compromise, sacrifice or listen for the sake of their family only but never at the cost of their self-esteem.

What do you think about cheating in relationships?

I am totally against cheating in relationship. Either you should be there or you shouldn’t be there. If you have guts to cheat, then you should have guts to admit your feelings too, without being a coward.

How important physical intimacy is in a relationship?

Physical intimacy is essential in a relation but it’s not everything. Trust, love and respect are the most important ingredients of a successful relationship.

Your favorite writer and why?

I don’t have any favourite writer. I like Shakespeare because of his writing style. The amalgamation of dialogues in a poetic style is superb. I like Sydney Sheldon because of the way she brings out the mystery element in the end.

I like Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand because of the essence of purity And Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam–his writings were the master pieces. So many are there that I can’t restrict myself to one.

What are your upcoming projects?

My upcoming projects are–

  • Working as a contributing author in the global digital magazine: Raising World Children
  • Working as a contributing author in the anthology–100 Moms, one journey
  • Working as a contributing author in the next of Cyclops Publication.
  • And lastly, but certainly very important, working on bringing out my second book, which will be a book of short stories.

Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

– If you are writing, write with your soul because then only your individuality will reflect in it, which will definitely leave its mark on others.

– And the more you re-read your work, the more clarity will come in your mind about what you want to focus and what you want to reflect.

Ruchika in one sentence.

Ruchika loves to be Ruchika only, not anybody else,a mystery who needs to be unfolded at each stage.

Connect with Ruchika


Mail Id


Thank you so much Ruchika for your honest answers. It was an amazing interview. All the best for your upcoming projects.

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Interview with Arun Prabhu

Dear readers,

Today, we have Mr.Arun Prabhu with us. Let us talk about his recently published book and his interests in the field of literature.

Question: Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Arun: Hello friends, I am a nomad trying to search a meaning for life and in the process became a writer.

Question: When did you start writing?

Arun: I used to write since childhood but never had the confidence to show it to someone and getting published was a far cry. Took up writing as a passion in 2010

Question: When you published first?

Arun: 2012. I self-published my first book as no publisher would entertain my book

Question: Describe Arun in day to day life?

Arun: Happy go lucky guy. Passionate about everything I do … Rather I do only where my passion takes me

Question: What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Arun: Cooking, sketching, listening to music, traveling, photography, public speaking

Question: Tell us more about your book?

Arun: My second book Niharika is all about a corporate lady who is professionally very successful but her personal life is in a mess. She has a daughter and she fears her personal life is affecting her daughter’s life as well. The novel is all about her struggles. It delves into the matters of marriage, divorce and relationships and how they can be solved in a very practical manner. There is no age to start all over again.

Question: How do you manage your writing time?

Arun: I believe if we are passionate we can find time. I made a point to get up half an hour early and that adds 180+ hours an year. That is sufficient to write one novel.

Question: Your favorite writer and why?

Arun: I have lot of favorite writers because every writer has given me something… to name a few would be injustice but still I would like to name .. Napolean Hill, Florence Litteur, Sydney Sheldon, Chetan Bhagat, Deepak Chopra, Robert Kiyosaki and many more..

Question: What are your upcoming projects?

Arun: Akansha Ek Mahatvakansha and a biography of a famous personality.

Question: Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Arun: Find your passion and follow it. Make career a way to find your passion and do not get sold out on your career

Question: Arun in one sentence.

Arun: I love myself unconditionally….

Connect with him:





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Interview with Surbhi Thukral.

Hello Friends,

Today, we have Surbhi Thukral with us for the interview. She is well known writer and a poet. Let us talk to Surbhi.

Question: Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Surbhi: Hey Guys, this is Surbhi Thukral. I am a published author and poet with various national and international magazines, journals and anthologies. I write mostly on different shades of love.

Question: When did you start writing?

Surbhi: I started writing in 2011.

Question: When you published first?

Surbhi: It was in 2011 when I embarked on a new journey of my life.

Question: Describe Surbhi in day to day life?

Surbhi: Surbhi holds many roles in her day to day life. She is a mother. She is a homemaker. She is a writer. She is a fitness fanatic.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Surbhi: I love to work out.

Question: How do you manage your writing time?

Surbhi: I manage my writing time as per my son’s schedule. I write after he sleeps and the house is quite.

Question: Your favorite writer and why?

Surbhi: Khaled Hosseini is one of my favorite writers.I am particularly fond of his writing style. He has a unique gift of portraying the realities in a touching way.

Question: What are your upcoming projects?

Surbhi: I am currently working for a few online portals, anthologies, etc. One of my anthologies is scheduled to be released in March.




Question: Any tips to the upcoming young generation ?

Surbhi: Just follow your dreams. It might be tough in beginning, but success comes to those who believe in it.

Question: Surbhi in one sentence.

Surbhi: A woman with golden dreams in her brown eyes.

A few of anthologies that have published my work are available online at:

1. Minds@work 4
2. Arranged to Love
3. Her Story
Thank you Surbhi for taking your time and talking to us. Hope your story will inspire many people to write further.
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