A poem on Corporate Life – Prabhuprasad Paduchuri

A poem on Corporate Life – Prabhuprasad Paduchuri

Dedicated to all hard working employees.

We both joined office on the same day.

You talked diplomatically,

I preferred emotional conversations.

All the times, you smiled at boss jokes,

Where I didn’t find any humour or sarcasm.

During the coffee breaks, you were expressive about weekends,

While I was shy to expose my personal life.

You kept on presenting false reports to manager,

While I was one to stay back and complete the work.

You were busy about giving negative feedback,

While I was preparing for my distance learning course.

After 2 years, you got promotion and best employee certification,

While I was forced to get minimum rating under Bell curve.

We both had girlfriends, while you got married to her,

Whereas my girl hates me to the core for what I am.

You bought a car and flat,

I stay in hostel and travel in local buses.

You invested in stock market and building assets,

I choose to invest in people’s smiles and dreams.

Accidentally, we both died in the same month.

We both took nothing with us.

Many people attended your funeral ceremony.

4 people were also carrying me on their shoulders.

1 month later, nobody remembered you.

While so many homes were still weeping for my loss.


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Interview with poetess Dr.Hema Sharma Datta

Hi readers, today we have with us Dr.Hema on the occasion of international poetry day.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Hi all, I am a Research Scientist in the field of Health and Wellness and have served various renowned organizations for more than 15 years. Have finished my schooling in Pune and after completing M. Tech did my Ph.D. from Pune University; have been a consistent gold medallist during academic life and winner of many national and international awards for Academic excellence. Apart from main stream science have strong inclination towards spiritual and astral sciences. Am also a Passionate Writer and an Avid Adventurer too.

When did you start writing and publishing?

My diary and pencil have been my best friends since my childhood. Any incidence, any dream, any thought, any emotion, I expressed with them, to them and through them.

I have been writing and publishing since my childhood first in school magazines then college magazines, newspapers, journals etc. but every time the subject was different though it majorly revolved around, main stream science, health and wellness, love and beauty, spirituality and humanity.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Adventure sports – Especially water sports, Travelling – globe trotting, Metaphysics – Exploring the unexplored, Cooking and serving health food to the society.

How do you manage your writing time?

Before the crack of the dawn when the world is silent and only the heart speaks, that’s the time I write.

Tell us more about your book “Ae Dil”

How one responds when one is truly in love, is a feeling that comes from deep within one’s heart and this is what ”Ae Dil” is all about. A collection of poetic expressions straight from the deepest core of one’s heart when it experiences true love. It takes the reader through various shades of love – friendship, romance, yearning, hurt and pain – but depicts the fact that true love sails through all adversaries and remains constant forever. The book celebrates the eternity of love and has expressions in Hindi with a flavour of Urdu and with English transliteration. It depicts the passion, desire and vulnerability that one experiences while being in love.

Foreword by famous Bollywood screenplay writer, Mr. Imteyaz Hussein eloquently captures the essence of the contents of the book ”Ae Dil”. ”Ae Dil” has also been reviewed by famous personalities from the Indian film industry like Veteran Indian actor and screen writer – Mr.Salim Khan, Bollywood singer, writer, actor – Mr. Sonu Nigam and Bollywood singer, lyricist, music composer – Mr.Shaan.  To know more about the book “Ae Dil”

Visit the FB page


Read the Press release


How has been your post publishing experience of “Ae Dil”

It’s about 3 months since “Ae Dil” is published and am happy that it has got a good response Nationally and Internationally. It got reviewed by famous Indian Film Industry celebrities and the comments were highly encouraging and satisfying too.

Many readers wrote their reviews on the e portal from where they bought the book and I was ecstatic to discover the ratings and comments that I received.


There is an ‘Ae Dil’ Mega Album of my readers that has been created and each day one new page comprising of the pics of new readers, from across the globe, gets added into it. Shortly the Video clip of “Ae Dil” will be released at author’s website which is under construction right now.

From where can one buy your book

See more at: https://notionpress.com/read/ae-dil#sthash.eW8JLI1u.dpuf

How can one get to know more about you and your book?

My readers can visit the book FB page


or they can follow me at my FB page


Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Relationships are conditional but true love is unconditional; it is an unbreakable connection of the souls, and if found, it makes one’s life worth living. It is that positive energy that can be an antidote to any negativity in life, and gives rise to that electrifying bond between two people that never fades, never dies – it is forever, it is perpetual and it is eternal. Love is the only language, only religion, only feeling, only subject which can unite two souls, so in this life touch someone’s heart and love someone truly completely unfathomably.

Hema in one sentence.

Experimenter, Explorer, Educator, Emotional, Ethereal.

Thank you so much Hema for such a beautiful time. I hope your book will be a bestseller. Wishing you many more bestsellers ahead.


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Enta Habibi author Reetwika Banerjee speaks to Prabhu about her upcoming project on Mythological Satire. Read the full interview to know more about her works.

Hello Friends, today we sharing a word with famous writer Reetwika Banerjee. Without wasting any time, let us have a word with her.

Hello Reetwika, can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Well my writing desk comprises of five fascinating books till date: –

  1. ‘Fantastic 40’ (collection of 40 micro stories)
  2. ‘Zenova 20’ (assortment of 20 short stories)
  3. ‘Bhanga Moner Dinga’ (set of 50 Bengali poems)
  4. ‘Cuddle & Clash’ (bag of 25 feather-touch stories).
  5. ‘Enta Habibi’ (set of 5 romantic novellas)

To know more about me, view my Goodreads page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9815949.Reetwika_Banerjee

Connect with me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reetwika.banerjee

Twitter Handle: @reetwika1

When did you start writing?

Writing started as a child’s play for me. During my childhood days, my mom inspired me to think, imagine fantasies and write whatever came to my mind. My parents love to travel a lot and that had infused a nomadic spree in me. Since my childhood I have been to many places across geographies which help me in setting scenes for many of my stories.

As I grew up, I started sharing my creative outputs with various literary magazines across the globe. Even I engaged myself as one of the Editors of my school and college magazines and soon after my graduation I went on to venture my own magazine named “Culture Flash”. Shortly my works happened to receive varied accolades at different platforms.

With time, it was my husband who motivated me to write a book.

When you published first?

Marked my first appearance as a published author in 2014, arguably authoring India’s first assortment of English “Micro” stories under the title of ‘Fantastic 40’, published by All About Books Global Publishers. The book received a warm response from my readers and recently the grand 2nd edition has been released under the umbrella of Purushottam Publishers.

Describe Reetwika in day to day life?

Reetwika, Indian by birth, is an Engineer-MBA from a prestigious International University. She is currently associated with one of the world’s most respected consulting giants as Data Security Consultant.

A native of Kolkata, Reetwika is now settled in the silicon city of Bangalore. An Associate Member of The Film Writer’s Association, Reetwika is also a regular creative contributor to various anthologies, magazines and technical journals across nations.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Reetwika is an avid traveller, shutter bug and a big non veg foodie.

Tell us more about your latest book “Enta Habibi – Shades of Romance”?

‘Enta Habibi’—meaning ‘You Are My Love’ in Arabic—is a beautifully crafted book that presents five romantic stories handpicked from Reetwika’s fantasy collection. The author has come up with an innovative Love-Palette Connection Theory in this book, where she has creatively associated five shades of colour (namely Blue, Red, Black, Grey and Pink) with five vibrant genres of romanticism (Emerging Love, Failure in Love, Betrayals in Love, Immoral Love and Sweet & Sour Love), closely attributing the respective love themes with the discrete traits of the chosen colour shades.

The stories broadly revolve around the sugary romance between a newlywed couple, betrayals and hatred in love, the author’s haunting experiences at a vintage shelter, love-doomed murder mysteries, ground-breaking investigations by a lady detective, historical fiction, and bubbling romance with a sensual touch. The target readership for ‘Enta Habibi’ is mostly young adults; however; anyone who fantasizes about emotional intimacy will savour the reading experience.

View it on Amazon : http://www.amazon.in/Enta-Habibi-Romance-Reetwika-Banerjee/dp/1635359333/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487582548&sr=8-1&keywords=REETWIKA

View it on Flipkart : https://www.flipkart.com/enta-habibi-shades-romance/p/itmeqz8gagybb4ae?pid=9781635359336&srno=s_1_3&otracker=search&lid=LSTBOK9781635359336IPNUCN&qH=262d8cf2d16d4388

How do you manage your writing time?

Well writing is my passion. I enjoy writing during my leisure hours and mostly on weekends when I am not engaged with any sort of professional or personal commitments.

At times when I am utterly stressed, writing acts as a stressbuster for me.

Your favorite writer and why?

I love reading short stories – be it any language. One of my favourites being Anton Chekhov.

I liked to read fantasy novels in childhood. With time, I started feeling tired of waiting so much to know what finally happens at the end. So started reading short stories and soon became an avid reader of the genre. Be it in any language I kept reading them. I enjoy quickly getting into the climax. Soon short stories too seemed too long to hold my curiosity back and I was slowly growing impatient to read them as well. Started looking for even shorter stories in the racks.

What are your upcoming projects?

I am currently working on couple of projects.

Historic Fiction: It will be a book inspired from the real pages of history with a touch of fiction, romance and thriller. It is currently under production with a renowned publisher.

Mythological Satire: I have recently signed a project in the genre. The book will revolve around diverse mythical characters from different mythologies like Greek, Roman, Hindu, Christmas, Jew etc represented in the form of a satire vis-à-vis the current social environment we belong to. It is currently under pre-production phase. More details to come soon.

Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

That our life is a mixed bag of events, governed by the nine emotions (generated out of our five senses) which keep ruling our life till the last day. It takes a sensitive mind to pick up those events and carefully string them together in a way that does not affect the coming days. There is no good in sticking to the past if it only brings tears to your eyes. Let’s accept it and take a step forward…who knows something better is not waiting for us?

Reetwika in one sentence.

Reetwika is a rational dreamer who sees herself in the bestselling authors shelf in coming 5 years.

Thank you so much Reetwika for the taking time to interview my questions. I hope your dream comes into reality soon. All the very best from my side.




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