She loves you forever

She loves you forever

She loves you forever 

She is the one of the prettiest girl both in her college and society. Hundreds appreciate her beauty, few want to be with her while others seek opportunities to talk. A few of her followers are excited that at least she is connected with them virtually on a social networking site.

One fine evening you saw her at a coffee shop for the first time. Along with the sips of coffee, she was laughing at the jokes of her friends. You found her attractive, cute, charming and a lovable personality. You were also impressed by those beautiful smiles and her shying nature. All you wanted at that moment was to talk with her. Due to your colleague’s flight in the next hour, you left the place.

Few days later, you met her again at the bus stop. She was rushing to the college. She appeared as if she didn’t want to miss the single lecture. You followed her, she was in her usual moods, singing and enjoying the soothing breeze of the city. You introduced her as a newcomer in the city. You asked her the route which you already knew. She guided you with the bus route and helped you boarding the correct bus. Till that time, your eyes catched her name, class and the college address mentioned on her i-card.

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