Travel Dairies with model cum mother Poonam Konde

Travel Dairies with model cum mother Poonam Konde

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Today, we have model cum traveler cum an Indian mom who is a spirited lady. Her travelogue will inspire you. Let us chit-chat with her.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Ola Homies! This is Poonam, I am 29-year-old Woman, with my man and our kid. I am a fitness freak, and I love to travel.

Poonam Konde during her Europe travel.

When did you start travelling?

The nomadic fever did not hit me until I met with this partner who encouraged me to travel and earn experiences for myself. I was that generic city girl struck in the matrix, following that 9 to 6 pattern, running behind busses and yelling at taxis. It is important for everyone to take that pause and fall of the grid to rejuvenate yourself. And that how I decided to travel new places every time I get a chance.

Which was your first destination?

My start was not a huge 10+ hour flight or an abroad location, but it was somewhere nearby, does not matter how you start it could just be a neighboring village but you must start somewhere.

The First destination I remember visiting and it struck in my memory lane is Arambol, Goa. There is something about this place which appeals as if it’s more accepting.

What are your hobbies apart from travelling?

Apart from traveling, In between if I get good modeling assignment’s I like to grab them, I have been casted for TVC adds for couple of beauty products. Apart from hat, I am a fitness freak, to I like to sweat at the gym a lot. I had gained extra pounds after I had my first child, but was able to get back to my own shape in just a month or two.

Poonam in Santorini.

Tell us more about your travelling experiences?

Since I have started traveling, in 2011 I have been travel to 4 countries including India, I being a minimalist, I don’t like to opt for 5 star hotels or resorts, but I prefer family owned small hotels. That way you can jell up with the locals, and learn a lot about their culture, food and lifestyle. This time when I was on this beautiful Mediterranean island, called Santorini, people were so welcoming and friendly, they let me use their kitchen and taught me some of their own dishes from Mediterranean cuisine

I like to eat what locals do, if you are in US/Europe you don’t need to worry about falling sick as to what you eat, because, common, if you can digest Indian street food without falling sick, then street food from Europe should be no worry, considering the hygiene standards over there.

Athens is just as hospitable, considering that Tourism is one of the main revenue generators for Greece, Athena’s does not disappoint. They have a special transits system exclusively for tourist, all you have to do is buy one 14Euro ticket and that is good for 2 days, enough for you to visit all the ruins, museums and beaches of Athens and Piraeus.

Poonam ruling the world.

What tips do you want to give to female solo travelers?

Do not let the society norms stop you from getting things that you deserve, you work hard for sometimes you need to reward yourself. No touristy place is dangerous to you, as long as you research and study the place online, stay away from scammers, there are many sites that will tell you what are the top scams in the touristy place, always be on a look out.

Poonam’s Dairy

According to you, which is the one tourist destination every single girl should travel ?

You can travel solo almost in all of Europe including Turkey, just be careful in Bulgaria, and Romania. Do not go to Santorini alone, the place is just too romantic to be alone, and being single may make you feel lonely, unless you are okay with it.



Any tips to the upcoming young generation which is inclined towards travel.

Food I love – Poonam

Make a bucket list, work hard on saving money, kill that bucket list.

Well, you are a truly inspirational modern day lady Poonam. I hope your words will inspire many more women in this country and around the world. I wish you all the very best for your future.

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