Interview with Swarupa Chavan

Interview with Swarupa Chavan

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Today, we have Ms.Swarupa Chavan with us. She will talk about her books, career and many more things.

Question: Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Swarupa: I am a Mumbaikar by birth and heart. I am a Science graduate majoring in Physics followed by MBA & Computer Technology. I am a rank holder in Packaging Technology. Professionally I am a Deputy General Manager with a leading Agro Chemical Mfg. Co and head the department handling Strategic Sourcing.

I am an ardent nature lover and enjoy spending my time in the midst of nature. I love travelling and exploring new places, experiencing the various cultures and places. Reading and writing is my passion. I feel I have discovered my true self and my purpose in life through writing.

Question: When did you start writing?

Swarupa: I used to write small articles and short write ups and contribute to college magazines. Around five years ago I thought of focusing my writing on fiction. I had always wanted to write fiction, guess the right time came with To Err is Human. I pen down my creative thoughts and channel my energy in writing simply because I love to.

Question: When you published first?

Swarupa: My debut novel To Err is Human was published in 2011.

Question: Describe Swarupa in day to day life?

Swarupa: I am a corporate employee. My everyday life revolves around my family and my job. It is a high pressure job of technical nature which also involves a bit of travelling, unlike the creative nature of my hobby for writing. I enjoy working thoroughly. It motivates me to excel in my field of work.

I love travelling for leisure, explore new places; connect with the culture and nature. I am a philosopher I suppose and it reflects through my poetry. I love connecting with myself and make it a point to meditate every day. I am a reserved person by nature, yet find it endearing to spend quality time with my loved ones.

Question: What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Swarupa: Apart from writing, I enjoy travelling, listening to music, playing TT, meditating and practicing yoga.

Question: Tell us more about your novels. 

THE PREDICTION as the name suggests is based on the theme of the power of Precognition. The protagonist of the story Tia is born with this unique power of predicting the future. Her prophecies of the impending calamities were always derided. It made her loved ones alienate from her leaving her derelict and forlorn. She grew up feeling deprived for affection and love, making her go deeper into a shell and rely on her instincts for connecting with the outer world. Her power of the sixth sense grew with time making her an object of ridicule by her father who thinks of her as an evil spirit. It is a story about how Tia struggles to gain affection of her father and brother and how she deals with her powers that she finds to be curse instead of a boon and how she has to face tragedies.

Apart from this I have also contributed to several Anthologies and published short stories and poems

Question: How do you manage your writing time?

Swarupa: My job is very demanding and I dedicate my entire focus on it. It is very difficult to find the time balancing work and writing. To be honest at times there is a gap of several months where I do not pen anything at all. during this phase I try to use my travel time to work to do the thinking. Thinking of plots, characters, and storylines. Once a writer, always a writer. 🙂

Question: Your favorite writer and why?

Swarupa : I love books and works of several authors. It would be unfair and very difficult to name a single author or a single novel as my favorite. Richard Bach’s Illusion, Ayn Rand’s Fountain head, Robin Sharma’s The Monk who Sold his Ferrari , Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, Ken Follett’s Eye of Needle, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird… I can go on and on. These books have made an enormous impact on me and have always guided me and helped me evolve into the person I am today.

Question: What are your upcoming projects?

Swarupa: I am currently researching on my next novel. Building on the plots and character building, basically on the ground work level.

Question: Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Swarupa :I would say just one thing – Follow your heart. Be original in whatever genre of writing you are comfortable in and write that. Do not get into the trap of imitating novels or author’s styles which have a vast readership. Also, getting your work published would require you to be persistent and patient.

Question: Swarupa in one sentence.

Swarupa: Swarupa is a simple human being who lives her life led by her heart.

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