Interview with Surbhi Thukral.

Interview with Surbhi Thukral.

Hello Friends,

Today, we have Surbhi Thukral with us for the interview. She is well known writer and a poet. Let us talk to Surbhi.

Question: Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Surbhi: Hey Guys, this is Surbhi Thukral. I am a published author and poet with various national and international magazines, journals and anthologies. I write mostly on different shades of love.

Question: When did you start writing?

Surbhi: I started writing in 2011.

Question: When you published first?

Surbhi: It was in 2011 when I embarked on a new journey of my life.

Question: Describe Surbhi in day to day life?

Surbhi: Surbhi holds many roles in her day to day life. She is a mother. She is a homemaker. She is a writer. She is a fitness fanatic.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Surbhi: I love to work out.

Question: How do you manage your writing time?

Surbhi: I manage my writing time as per my son’s schedule. I write after he sleeps and the house is quite.

Question: Your favorite writer and why?

Surbhi: Khaled Hosseini is one of my favorite writers.I am particularly fond of his writing style. He has a unique gift of portraying the realities in a touching way.

Question: What are your upcoming projects?

Surbhi: I am currently working for a few online portals, anthologies, etc. One of my anthologies is scheduled to be released in March.




Question: Any tips to the upcoming young generation ?

Surbhi: Just follow your dreams. It might be tough in beginning, but success comes to those who believe in it.

Question: Surbhi in one sentence.

Surbhi: A woman with golden dreams in her brown eyes.

A few of anthologies that have published my work are available online at:

1. Minds@work 4
2. Arranged to Love
3. Her Story
Thank you Surbhi for taking your time and talking to us. Hope your story will inspire many people to write further.
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