Every working professional is an entrepreneur.

Every working professional is an entrepreneur.

Dear readers, this sounds bit unusual as per the definition found in the books we read. Until last few days, my views were also not much different. While watching few entrepreneurship videos, some thoughts tuned by mind which I decided to share with all of you. Please read the following similarities which are uppermost in my mind.

  1. During college days, a professional learns various skills, techniques, collects information with the resources available. This creates a platform for a professional to launch into the market. In the similar way, an entrepreneur before coming into the business, develops own product with the resources available.
  2. Once the product is developed, the next phase is marketing. Professionals need a well written resume to present before the employers. Similarly, entrepreneurs find attractive ways to sell their product.
  3. Working professionals need to upgrade themselves with current developments, new technologies and recent advancements all the time. Similarly, entrepreneur is constantly looking for development of their products, improving effectiveness of the service, etc.
  4. Hard work, dedication, determination, devotion are the few factors which are essential for both the individual for a guaranteed success.
  5. No matter how talented a person is, performance matters the most. Similar, in business no matter how big the brand is, customers will always look for best quality product.
  6. It is not always true that both the individuals always succeed in all their efforts. Whenever they embrace failure the steps to overcome any situation are always the same.
  7. Rewards and recognition are the fuel for the success of both the individuals. They play an important role in building and shaping the career. Recognition is not always related to financial benefits. At times, a pat on the shoulder or a phrase of encouragement from a colleague/partner can do wonders to all professionals and entrepreneurs.

At each and every point of time, life is full of miracles, excitements, opportunities and happiness. One needs to just find out what their dreams are and keep on chasing the same. No clouds are darker; no mountains are higher that a positive man cannot reach or climb.

Let me sign off wishing all the readers a prosperous career ahead.

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