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Book Review: We are Proud to be Loners

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We are Proud to be Loners is one of the best self-help books I have read in the recent times of quarantine.

This book is written by Rudra Prasad De. I must congratulate the author for putting up the thoughts in a unique way.

This book is presented in 14 chapters which are quite appealing to the audiences. This book also serves as an inspiration for all the broken hearted and people who are feeling lonely.

Authors efforts to motivate, encourage and inspire the loners must be applauded. I am inspired the creative way of writing the book and presentation is also very good.  

This book is written in an easy to understand language which makes engaging of the audience even more.

We live in a world in which it is so natural to feel as a loner. I must say author has out a great effort and experiences in the book which will be a blessing to the loners and the society around them.

Chapters such as Have Clear Boundaries, Courageous, very loyal will have an everlasting impact into the minds of the leaders.

I would rate the book 5 out of 5 for the all the efforts, good intent and the simple writing by the author.

Book Link: We are Proud to be Loners

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Book review: My mute girlfriend by Himanshu Rai

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My mute girfriend is one of the most sensational book I have read over last couple of years.
This book will be an amazing read for all the people who believe in true love.
This book is written in a first person narrative which is easy for common people to understand.
The stories of Rohan, Vaidehi and Navya are beautifully written.
Simple language is used in this book. I am a big fan of simple language.
Story revolves around the teenage college life which most of us can relate.
Straight story, said superbly and gracefully.
I am pretty impressed by the title. It is certainly very catchy and attract young readers.
I must say Himanshu is another bestselling writer in the making after reading this book.
Overall 4/5 is my rating.
Please do purchase the book if you like reading the love stories and believe in love.

Amazon book link 

— Prabhuprasad

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Book Review: Clandestine Waters by Sumit Vanjani

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Just completed the book, I am happy to share the thoughts that are uppermost in my mind.

This is a brilliant book by a first time author Sumit. This book is a page turner. I completed this book in two sittings. The cover of the book is attractive and the title is very interesting.

It is a great work to read for young students to inspire about life and its different phases. Loved the characters of Mr.Atul and Ms.Neha. So many young readers can relate their story in this book.

I personally liked this sentence.

‘Something caught his eye – an unknown number!

The message read “Happy New Year. No ac needed. Neha.”

Chapter number two on texting is one of the best that I have read so far.

I will rate this book as 4/5


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Book Review: Rooh se rooh tak by Vinit Bansal

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Rooh se rooh tak is a hindi sensational novel written by Vinit Bansal. If you are the one who likes true love stories with some twist, this is the one you must read. Characters and plot is perfect to keep the reader interested in every page. The story begins with Neel and also talks about the friendship between Neel and Randeep. The feelings of Neel, Aditi and Randeep were brilliantly described in a simplistic manner. This book will give you the essence of true love and feelings for your beloved.  Every chapter is carefully written and words are chosen wisely. I must say this must be the standard of Modern hindi writers. I strongly recommend this novel to every hindi reader.

Rooh se rooh tak by Vinit Bansal

Vinit Bansal is a writer of many books but this one is the most romantic I must say. This work will inspire everyone including those true lovers, sensitive naïve teenage girls, budding writers and more importantly the readers of Hindi.

I just feel cover could have been more attractive. The language used in the book is very simple and lucrative for the common readers.

I must say that this book has the potential to be converted into a film. These are exactly the characters we find in our daily lives. College going students will connect to the book very easily. Author has put in a lot of hard work it seems. The book is well edited and cleanly presented.

If you are a passionate lover and a follower of true love, this book will be an emotional gift for you.

My verdict 4 out of 5.

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Book Review: Never Again by Shreyan Laha

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Never Again  is a book dedicated to the soldiers and warriors in the different battles.

Not many books are written on such topics.

This is a brilliantly written book. In this book, author has mentioned about the secret dairy of solider Kasper Hartmann. Author has put in lot of research and hard work for the book.

Many statements written in the book are the source of motivation. They motivate you as a person while reading.

Few editing mistakes but overall this book is worth reading as it talks about a life of a soldier as well as narrates the incidents in the past and present.

The German glossary given in the beginning is useful for the readers like me.

Overall, author has shown in this book that he has all the potential for the major success in future.

My rating is 4.0 out of 5. The only flaw is editing. Rest is simply brilliance.

I recommend this book to the readers. Trust me you will have a good experience. This book is worth reading and understanding the life of a soldier.


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