Book Review: The Celebrity Gone Missing by Gurpreet Kaur

Book Review: The Celebrity Gone Missing by Gurpreet Kaur

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The Celebrity gone missing is a story of a famous actor Lee Eun Sang from Korea. One fine day, he receives a call from his crew, and they realize that he is missing and not at home.

I found the conversation between Amy, Sia and her mother very interesting. This conversation is mostly relatable in Indian homes. I loved the way the author has picturized Lee Eun Sang’s observation about Sia.

Seoul, New Delhi and London, the author has brilliantly captured the small piece of story narrated in these cities. This type of scenes is usually setup in movies. Author has put a great effort in connecting the story and narrating it to perfection. The excitement in each chapter is of a different level. What I personally liked is the author’s choice of words in finer feelings. The end is also thrilling.  

This book is written in a very simple and easy to understand language. I believe any beginner can read and understand the content easily. Title of the book is also eye catching. I recommend all the readers to read this book. This will not disappoint you by any means. I congratulate the author and wish that I read more books of her in future.

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