Book review: My mute girlfriend by Himanshu Rai

Book review: My mute girlfriend by Himanshu Rai

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My mute girfriend is one of the most sensational book I have read over last couple of years.
This book will be an amazing read for all the people who believe in true love.
This book is written in a first person narrative which is easy for common people to understand.
The stories of Rohan, Vaidehi and Navya are beautifully written.
Simple language is used in this book. I am a big fan of simple language.
Story revolves around the teenage college life which most of us can relate.
Straight story, said superbly and gracefully.
I am pretty impressed by the title. It is certainly very catchy and attract young readers.
I must say Himanshu is another bestselling writer in the making after reading this book.
Overall 4/5 is my rating.
Please do purchase the book if you like reading the love stories and believe in love.

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— Prabhuprasad

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