Book Interview with Saheli Mitra

Book Interview with Saheli Mitra

Friends, today we have Saheli Mitra on board with us.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

I happen to be an ex-journalist and worked for 20 years with one of the leading English dailies of Eastern India. Now I am partner of Talespin Media, a media and communication consultancy agency where we are doing some exciting editing, strategy planning, web page handling, blog writing, translations and communication workshops. I started writing out of my love for words. Like a Wordsmith does, playing with words. This resulted in poems, short stories and novels. My poems have found place in several poetry anthologies internationally and in India. Same with short stories. My debut novel Lost Words was launched internationally a couple of years back. A romantic thriller protesting patriarchy of India society, it got rave reviews.

When did you start writing?

As a journalist I started writing since the beginning of my job life. I have more than 250 articles published primarily on law and consumer issues. Much later I ventured into story telling, something I always wished to express. Feelings through words. In 2013 I finally finished my first novel.

When you published first?

I first published in 2013.

Describe Saheli in day to day life?

A loving and caring mom to a teenage son, I enjoy being with my family. Love travelling extensively within India to imbibe the varied cultures of different parts of the country. And yes my greatest passion is to write poetry, sitting in my garden as I watch the nature sway by regularly.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Travelling, Singing, Swimming and talking to my plants and to see them grow; flower and fruit. I interact with members of my group To Trees With Love every morning that I started as a protest against felling of trees in my locality

Tell us more about your book?

Lost Words is a romantic thriller. A story that opens up through letters, an art that is dying in the age of the virtual world. A love story between a Bengali woman and a North Indian man, the story unfolds down generations highlighting social patriarchy.

How do you manage your writing time?

Poems are written spontaneously, primarily while travelling in my car. Else I write at night when silence reigns.

Your favorite writer and why?

Very difficult to say for I love and read several authors both in English and Bengali.

What are your upcoming projects?

My new venture Talespin has several exciting upcoming projects. One can visit the Talespin Communication and Strategy page on Facebook to have a look.

Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Be what you are. You are the monarch of all you survey. Never fall prey to peer pressure. You should only follow your heart.

Saheli in one sentence.

Love, Live, Laugh.. Saheli is a great friend.

Thank you Saheli, my friend. Wish you all the best for your future works.

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