Book Interview with Ashi Kalim

Book Interview with Ashi Kalim

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Today, we have Ashi Kalim on board. Let’s talk about her recently published. Ashi Kalim is a guest poet in an anthology under various categories. Her poem is published in Elysian Literary Journal.


Ashi Kalim – The Writer.

Can you please introduce to the world of literature?

I introduce myself to world of literature in English. A cry is enough to greet the earth & a published work is enough and takes lesser introductory effort worldwide in the stream of whichever Literature.

# The Day Before… I DIED MATRYOSHKA in East is my first published Novel & yes I am a Debutant writer.

Can you please tell us about your next project?

I am neck deep in my next project but still in early stages. Probably it’s a historical character, mixed with cheeky love-story (My kind of favourite) as a woman & moreover I would like to return back to my first love POETRY & BLOGGING.

When you did first published?

My first written text valued was a short story on my class-teacher, Sister Marie Theresa; say 20 pages and I got all applauded during the school assembly. Though I have been published before but it was in children books only.

What are your hobbies?

Hobby is a craft that develops with experience. Writing was a hobby for me and see where I went for…..But seriously its gardening, I own a full hundred’s of varieties of Cactus and Bonsai’s too.

Who is your favourite writer?

There are many but whom I really admire is Kiran Desai, Jhumpa Lahiri, Arundhati Roy. Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh is my all-time favourite.  And how can I escape RUSKIN BOND’s” The Night Train at Deoli”. I admire their trademark style.

How to you manage writing time?

Well, during the day I am a mother and at Night it’s a writer craving for words and thoughts to feast up my soul. Thought is not prisoned by time, it offshoots anytime so at other times …if I scribble it’s my phone which manages it.

Can you please share some tips for budding writers?

If I can ……anyone can. Keep your mind, thoughts, and feelings moving. It’s said “Don’t kill your enemy by sword; kill them by your PEN!!”

The biggest outbreak is penning your thoughts on paper, no matter be it English, French, Hindi or any Language. FEAST YOUR THOUGHT.

What have you written and why?

I have written an untouched & untold part of History. I think historical fiction is one of the excellent forms to explore and unearth the hidden feminine voices lost deep in the sand dunes of history. As a writer this is my mission to fight for the lost voices in history and help them speak their fair share of stories in the making of nation and history.

Can you please tell us more about your book?

This is a book about love, Betrayal and Hope. HOPE makes all things possible. All of us have our share of joys & sorrow in life. It depends on our jurisdiction of how we face it. The Real heroine of the story is a protagonist and sees life with dull lenses. Gradually she develops a liking for a Prince from India who teaches her how to Love? The Love Story of a RUSSIAN dictator Josef Stalin’s Daughter that changed the world order forever…

Describe Ashi in day to day life?

Ashi is a dreamer, traveller, friend, mother, poet, photographer & a writer and has a killer sense of-humor!! I am a winner in my own self as I have HOPE …my biggest asset of life.

Tell us more about your dreams?

I want to be known as serious writer & no soft-love-story types. The loss of political power and the mighty strength of character have thrown female out of the history-walls. But we don’t know is this true and false?

I think, as a genre ‘Historical Fiction’ should come out of its tell-tale sagas of man and voice woman as an equal partner in history. It will help future generation understand history in a more gender-neutral vision.

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So, get ready for a roller coaster ride to a women’s heart.



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Thank you Ashi for this wonderful interview. All the best for your future.

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