Book interview with Anmol Bhasin

Book interview with Anmol Bhasin

Hello friends, today we have young and talented writer on board with us. Let us chit-chat with her.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Well, warm greetings from my side to everyone from this beautiful literary world. I am a word-loving teenager and a to be computer-engineer as well. Being stayed most of my life in the mountain valley of Ladakh, I simply find myself to be a winter lover and I adore my books, my family and my beautiful birthplace Chandigarh as well. I am a quiet girl at times, while at other instances y’all can find me being the chirpiest of all.

Anmol Bhasin

When did you start writing?

Maybe when I started framing sentences. Right from the beginning I used to take interest in creative writing. I had written my first essay in I guess 5th standard, though it was in Hindi. So, you can say that I am writing since my childhood days. Though professional and creative book writing took a toll in my life with the start of my adolescence.

When were you published first?

The first time I was published in an anthology “Once Best Friends” in the year 2016; i.e. a year back.

Describe Anmol in day to day life?

In day to day life, you can see Anmol as a chirpy Punjabi girl, writing and talking about her words almost all the time. There are various shades of me though. I am chirpy at times and on the other I see the amount of pain surrounding the world. Most of the days I prefer meeting people in my college and then follow a normal student- writer- reader’s routine.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Apart from writing you can find me locked inside my room reading books, coding, building websites, working on softwares related to books and literature and working on my venture “The pen man’s diary” is another passion and hobby of mine.

Tell us more about your book?

My book “Sure Fire” is a tragic romance novella. The unchangeable circumstances lead to the partition of ways and culture of two childhood sweethearts. Sure Fire is the quest of a young man searching for his lost best friend among the adversities of terrorism and hatred.

I am sure, my novella will be a treat to the souls of all bibliophilic romance lovers out there. It will be out soon in the kindle store and I await the feedbacks and reviews since this story is really close to my heart.

How do you manage your writing time?

It’s hard to manage writing time with the start-up and engineering assignments and projects, but I write anytime I feel my thoughts are flowing. It might be the time right after I wake up or in the middle of a lecture. I just jot down what my mind and heart wishes to express and then when the day ends, I edit the writings done in the whole course of the day.

What do you think of modern day relationships?

Modern day relationships have lost the meaning of love. Most of the relationships survive the fancy happy-go-lucky time period and then when they have to face the demonic part of their partners, people give up. In-fact it’s very rare that you find a successful and a happy couple in a long term relationship.

What do you think about cheating in relationships?

Cheating in a relationship is a serious concern to me and I can go on and on speaking about this. Cheating not only destroys the bond you share with your partner but breaks him/her so much so that he/she can never trust again like before. And cheating is not always with the help of a third person. You might cheat your partner by not showing him/ her you’re real self and that is definitely a disastrous from of cheating I believe.

How important physical intimacy is in a relationship?

Intimacy in a relationship is important as elixir is to your soul. But before stepping into the entirely new phase of your life you should definitely be sure of the pros and cons of this step in your relationship. For me, relationships and intimacy are meant for the one who ultimately will be my soulmate and I personally believe that a relationship that is emotional is far better than the one which is just physical.

Your favorite writer and why?

I am a Jane Austen fan for I simply love her way of portraying women in her novels, be it Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice. Her words have always inspired me to write, though I can never be her but I would try to be like her for sure.

What are your upcoming projects?

My upcoming projects are my community building website-, my start-up venture “The pen man’s diary” and of course my co-authored novel “The Last Impel”.

Any tips for the upcoming young generation.

The lovelies and smarties out there, do not let this giddy love life and peer pressure to get on your nerves. Just love your family for they have done a lot just to make sure you are at the right place. Keep writing and keep spreading the smiles of words

Anmol in one sentence.
A free bird who’s always found chirping with her words and ink.

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Well, thank you so much Anmol for taking your time and sharing your thoughts. I wish you all the very best for your future.










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