Book interview with Accidently Cupid writer Prachi Gupta

Book interview with Accidently Cupid writer Prachi Gupta

Hello friends, today we have Prachi Gupta with us on board. She is a famous romantic writer and she also helps young people to sharpen their skills.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

I am an IT professional turned into a full time writer. I have published two titles so far ’Accidentally Cupid’ and  ’Not my type of stranger’. I’m also a motivational speaker, trying to tell meaningful stories.

When did you start writing?

Tough I always loved writing and since I was a small kid I used to write small stories but becoming a writer and writing a full novel never occurred to me, it all happened accidentally.

When you published first?

I started writing my first book ’Accidentally Cupid’ in 2015 and got it published in 2016.

Describe Prachi in day to day life?

Prachi is playing the role of an engineer, author, motivational speaker, a loving daughter and     most importantly a good human being in her day to day life.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Apart from writing I like travelling and photography.

Tell us more about your book?

My first book ‘Accidentally Cupid’ is a college romance portraying the love stories of five friends. It is a rom-com with a unique set of characters who anyone can relate too. For all the college romance lover’s this one is for you.

Speaking about ”Not my type of stranger’ it’s a story about a player and a beautiful girl next door with a big secret. Will they fall in love?  Read and find out.

How do you manage your writing time?

I’m passionate about writing so; managing time is never an issue. Whenever I feel like writing, I just sit in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee.

Your favorite writer and why?

My favorite writer is Sophie kinsella. I love her writing style. The power she has writing comedy makes me her fan.

What are your upcoming projects?

Next in the line is an anthology of 10 love stories which is going to be published soon this year.

Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

I’m not a big fan of unsolicited advice myself.  It makes me want to run the other way. But if I must, it’s this: keep reading and keep writing as much as you can.

Prachi in one sentence.

Prachi is a simple, jolly girl who wants to make everyone around her happy.

Wish you all the very best for your future novels.


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