Book interview with 31 miles writer Vinita Sharma Bakshi

Book interview with 31 miles writer Vinita Sharma Bakshi

Hello friends, today we have Vinita Bakshi, 31 miles writer. She talks about woman issues in her latest book. Let’s have a chit-chat about her book.

How did you go about carving the character of your protagonist Mansa? Is it inspired from a real life character?

Mansa is a contemporary South Asian urban woman. There is a Mansa in each one of us. We often kill her trying to do our best for the multiplicity of roles that we ourselves and others assign to us.


What is the story behind the intriguing title of 31 Miles?

Well….You have to read the book to know that J

How, in your opinion, is social media affecting day to day lives of the younger generation?

All kinds of media and especially Social Media is working on us round the clock. How it will transform and shape relationships only future will tell.

Have you always been writing? Where does your creative drive come from?

I have always been writing something or the other. But this was the first time I thought of publishing. And God was kind. Creative drive comes from empathy and a desire to present complicated and under the carpet issues in a healthy interesting manner so as to connect with a maximum number of people.

What in your idea is a perfect family life? How challenging is it for the new age woman to maintain work-life balance?

Perfection is a state we have to aspire for. We have to work on it. The moment we think something is perfect, the decay begins.

Working woman is nothing new. Women have always worked, at home and outside, whether in fields or elsewhere. It’s a different story that it isn’t suitably acknowledged and rewarded.

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