Author interview with Neeraj Kumar.

Author interview with Neeraj Kumar.

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Here is the budding author Neeraj Kumar for you.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Hi.. Myself Neeraj Kumar. Frankly speaking I am not really an author.  I just came with my story and suddenly things changed. I am not trained it’s just an experiment with myself. that what is the real thing which can give me happiness apart from my job. People do many things for their happiness but I write. I failed many times to complete it. Some people made fun of me, many have told don’t do it it’s just waste of time and after that it really became a challenge for me. Which boosted my confidence to do so. Finally they realize that if you know your dream properly then nobody can stop you.

Two letters by Neeraj Kumar

When did you start writing?

It’s a funny story. Actually I used to write love letters from school days and I can proudly say that it was beginning and you know how much they used to pay me for that.. 10 rupee for each. That was the time when my friends started calling me a writer but I never thought I am going to write any book or story. I was just writing a story and I didn’t know that it will be published one day. So yes I started writing from my school days.

When you published first?

Actually it’s my first work which has been published. And all my old things are still waiting to get published.

Describe Neeraj in day to day life?

See, I am a simple guy. Mostly I love to sleep. My daily life depends on where I am. If I am in Office then whole day I am busy with my work. And if I am with friends then only friends. It’s just same for my family too. If I am at home then my phone goes not reachable for whole day.. Because there is no network in my room. And I only come out if there is any work. Simply I am a person who like you can say lazy guy.  I don’t roam too much. My routine is office to home and after that some music and some lovely food then at last a quote or one liner for my friends.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Music. I love music and I can’t imagine a day in my life without it. You can call me a bathroom singer too. My another passion is horse riding. When I sit on horse I just go in a different world but It’s not for daily. At the end I love to write what I see in my daily life. I do many things but music gives me energy to write something and became a famous celebrity who can buy a horse. Ha ha ha ha just kidding.

Tell us more about your book ?

Yes finally.. It is sweet and simple love story which is about two people you can say a couple which belongs to the middle class families. Their love struggles because their caste. Everybody knows that intercaste marriage is still a crime in our country specially if you belong to middle class. As people says. It’s not my thought. People told me that if you do intercaste marriage then you did a wrong thing. You won’t be happy whole life. What will people say. Our society doesn’t accept these kind of thing. So I wrote it. Story is very down to earth. I kept it very simple. I tried to show in daily life what problems they face after marriage. How they manage things. How they feel when someone asks to compromise your dream for family. How they over come from misunderstandings, small fights and arguments. How life goes after marriage and last but not least I tried to show with my story that love can heal anything. That is all about two letters.

How do you manage your writing time?

It was a very tough call for me when I decided to resign from my job for this story because I was in full form. But my family supported me all the time.. I am very lucky to have them as my parents. Really. But I learned to manage after some time I joined a new firm and started writing. I don’t write everyday it’s just like whenever I get something to write I keep it until I go to my room. And whenever I get some time I write. That’s why it took 2 years to complete my story. But it’s OK.  I think it’s good because when you have that much time you can correct it or edit it or add something on it.

Your favorite writer and why?

Now the list is very long like PRIYANKA BANSAL, AJAY K PANDEY, CHETAN BHAGAT, SONAM KESWANI and many more. But you know first is always first. My first book was THAT’S THE LIFE BABY -PRIYESH RANJAN  and I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY – RAVINDAR SINGH. These two are the reason because when I read their books. I became addicted to books.

What are your upcoming projects?

I am working on one another story it is about friendship. I can’t say anything more about it now. Thank you.

Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Yes.. Just do what you want to do. People will tell many things because they can’t do what you can do. Just believe in yourself and do something what you enjoy. Respect your parents always. Be there for your family because they will always be with you.

Neeraj in one sentence.

If people say this is arrogance then they can say. By the way here is the sentence Neeraj ~ lotus in pond.

A special note for readers. If you find any mistakes in editing of my book                        (Two letters) then please ignore it because it is published from direct hard copy. No editing work is done on it. It was a dedicated work for someone special. I hope you understand. Just need your love and support.

Thank you.

Book is available on, ,snapdeal, online gatha, markmybook, and Kraftly and e-book.

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Thank you Neeraj for your simply honest answers. I am sure readers will like your work. 

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