You little princess

You little princess

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Dear girl, Yes, you are an amazing person in yourself. You have a very strong at heart and emotions. I understand that you loved someone wholeheartedly. You wanted that person to be with you forever in all your ups and downs. Your heart desired for that person may be every moment in the last few years. He was in your eyes and also in your dreams. He was the most magical person in your life after your mom and dad.

I understand your feeling for that person was a heavenly feeling. You loved him with all your heart and might. You provided the highest position in your life. You did probably everything that one can do. He had other intentions. He always said that he loved you but he never did. Do you really think that there is a need to worry about him? For the one who was never a step closer, an inch real or all that he did was to boast about the little things he presented?

May be the moment in your life has arrived to live for yourself. A moment to never look back. A moment to trust yourself again. A moment to feel the happiness within you and moment of finding everlasting joy again. A moment to be free from any bondage. A moment to be flying with your dreams and ambitions. In this journey of finding love and being loved by someone again, you need to be careful whom to believe and where to seek love. All those people who say those three magical words may not love you at all.

All those who are strict and a bit harsh do not hate you for being what you are. You have to forget him sooner and chase the better future. So many spectacular things are waiting to hug you and show you a better world. There is a hope for future. I am sure now you will be in a better state to understand people. All those who always speak sweet may not bring happiness in your life.

A world is ready to hug you with so much love. Go for it… My best wishes for a spectacular future. Have a nice life, you pretty princess.

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