Interview with poetess Dr.Hema Sharma Datta

Interview with poetess Dr.Hema Sharma Datta

Hi readers, today we have with us Dr.Hema on the occasion of international poetry day.

Can you please introduce yourself to the world of literature?

Hi all, I am a Research Scientist in the field of Health and Wellness and have served various renowned organizations for more than 15 years. Have finished my schooling in Pune and after completing M. Tech did my Ph.D. from Pune University; have been a consistent gold medallist during academic life and winner of many national and international awards for Academic excellence. Apart from main stream science have strong inclination towards spiritual and astral sciences. Am also a Passionate Writer and an Avid Adventurer too.

When did you start writing and publishing?

My diary and pencil have been my best friends since my childhood. Any incidence, any dream, any thought, any emotion, I expressed with them, to them and through them.

I have been writing and publishing since my childhood first in school magazines then college magazines, newspapers, journals etc. but every time the subject was different though it majorly revolved around, main stream science, health and wellness, love and beauty, spirituality and humanity.

What are your hobbies apart from writing?

Adventure sports – Especially water sports, Travelling – globe trotting, Metaphysics – Exploring the unexplored, Cooking and serving health food to the society.

How do you manage your writing time?

Before the crack of the dawn when the world is silent and only the heart speaks, that’s the time I write.

Tell us more about your book “Ae Dil”

How one responds when one is truly in love, is a feeling that comes from deep within one’s heart and this is what ”Ae Dil” is all about. A collection of poetic expressions straight from the deepest core of one’s heart when it experiences true love. It takes the reader through various shades of love – friendship, romance, yearning, hurt and pain – but depicts the fact that true love sails through all adversaries and remains constant forever. The book celebrates the eternity of love and has expressions in Hindi with a flavour of Urdu and with English transliteration. It depicts the passion, desire and vulnerability that one experiences while being in love.

Foreword by famous Bollywood screenplay writer, Mr. Imteyaz Hussein eloquently captures the essence of the contents of the book ”Ae Dil”. ”Ae Dil” has also been reviewed by famous personalities from the Indian film industry like Veteran Indian actor and screen writer – Mr.Salim Khan, Bollywood singer, writer, actor – Mr. Sonu Nigam and Bollywood singer, lyricist, music composer – Mr.Shaan.  To know more about the book “Ae Dil”

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How has been your post publishing experience of “Ae Dil”

It’s about 3 months since “Ae Dil” is published and am happy that it has got a good response Nationally and Internationally. It got reviewed by famous Indian Film Industry celebrities and the comments were highly encouraging and satisfying too.

Many readers wrote their reviews on the e portal from where they bought the book and I was ecstatic to discover the ratings and comments that I received.

There is an ‘Ae Dil’ Mega Album of my readers that has been created and each day one new page comprising of the pics of new readers, from across the globe, gets added into it. Shortly the Video clip of “Ae Dil” will be released at author’s website which is under construction right now.

From where can one buy your book

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How can one get to know more about you and your book?

My readers can visit the book FB page

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Any tips to the upcoming young generation.

Relationships are conditional but true love is unconditional; it is an unbreakable connection of the souls, and if found, it makes one’s life worth living. It is that positive energy that can be an antidote to any negativity in life, and gives rise to that electrifying bond between two people that never fades, never dies – it is forever, it is perpetual and it is eternal. Love is the only language, only religion, only feeling, only subject which can unite two souls, so in this life touch someone’s heart and love someone truly completely unfathomably.

Hema in one sentence.

Experimenter, Explorer, Educator, Emotional, Ethereal.

Thank you so much Hema for such a beautiful time. I hope your book will be a bestseller. Wishing you many more bestsellers ahead.


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